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Wednesday 15th October

Accessory and recovery day.

As important as training with purpose is, it won’t mean jack squat if you don’t support it with some accessory movement and of course that all important mobility!

Constant training and lifting will only drive you into the ground if you don’t listen to your body. Thats why rest days are so important! Use days like today to get engaged with your midline, don’t go all out on it, just accrue the reps in total. As for the mobility, it shouldn’t be a case of only rolling out that bit thats sore. By that point its already deep in the system and you’re now in damage control. Make it a daily ritual to spend 10-15 mins on different areas of your body. Twice a week double that time spent and give your body some well earned Freedom with your range of motion.


Wave 1; Week 2 

A): Midline.

The GHD Sit Up & The GHD Hip Extension, 40 reps of each, NOT for time. Any combo/rep sequence suits you best.

Notes: The GHD is a potent weapon in building strong midlines, and strong midlines is a primary reason why strong folk are so at ease lifting heavy weights around (aside from their actual strength too). The GHD though can also be a dangerous weapon if not used correctly!

If you have never used it before then you are required to have a coach teach you and watch over your sets/reps to ensure you are safe and also if you require a scale option whilst you build strength/volume on it.

We’ve prescribed 40 reps of each, these can be done anyhow you want. Do all the sit ups then all the Hip Ext’s, mix & match, superset, etc. Just be sure to have it evened out by the end.

Also 40 reps is the limit! No more!! In fact below will be listed the scaling options which will have lower reps as well as alternatives.

Scaling options: Lower the reps to 30 of each or 20 of each. OR…

get a wall ball, place it on the floor behind the machine and use touch that with your hands when you extend out. OR…

only come out to parallel, don’t go too far beyond your ROM. OR….

Static holds on the machine – aim for 3 sets of 20-30 second holds, that 3 sets facing BOTH ways!. OR… if not ready for GHD then do 50 overhead sit ups and 50 empty barbell good mornings.

Last Note: If you are wondering on how to use the GHD & don’t know (we are deliberately not writing up instructions here) then you HAVE to ask a coach beforehand and get taught.



B): Mobility

Spend 20-25 Mins on good decent mobility.

Notes: Pick TWO pieces to focus on. One upper & one lower. The choice is yours, choose the bits most appropriate to your needs.

Some good upper body choices could be:

– The ‘Peanut’ (double ball) into your Thoracic spine, or ‘ T-Spine’.

– Single LAX ball into your Trap muscles.

– Tennis Ball on Broomstick into Pec Minor.

And some good lower body choices could be:

– Single LAX ball into your TFL/upeer hip region.

– Rumble Roller globally over your Quads (leave the ‘ITB’ alone).

– Band distraction for the hip flexors.

– Calf smash, use a kettle bell or rumble roller.

If any of this sounds alien to you come ask the coaches for pointers.


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Work out of the day

Rooftop of Dreams

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