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Wednesday 12th March

Remember to always listen to your body. If you’re feeling worse for wear sub out one of the  tasks today and get the mobility in



Level 1 – Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch, 6 x 1+1 (Focus is positioning rather than load! no more than 70% of max).

Level 2 – Every Minute On The Minute For 10 Mins of: 2 Snatch (full). (Again Focus here is on positioning over the bar rather than load. No more than 70% of max. Single only, NO TOUCH & GO!). 



Notes: you can see that there are two levels here. This is in place to moderate the volume and intensity. Check the criteria below to see which one you are to do. DO NOT DO BOTH LEVELS!!


The rules are if you are under 6 months CrossFitting and/or have never followed this blog till now, then you are to do level 1.

If you are over the 6 months then you can do level 2. (You are free to stay to level 1 if you want by the way).

Regardless of whichever level you are on, these sets listed above are working sets to completed AFTER warm up sets. Our advice would be the following set/rep scheme:

Warm-Up, PVC pipe:  2 sets of  “shrug” progressions like in our group warm ups.
Warm-Up, Empty barbell:  2 sets of 5 reps of hang power snatches
Warm-Up, 40% of first intended working set:  1 set of 3 reps off the ground.
Warm-Up, 60% of intended first working set:  1 set of 2-3 reps off the ground.
Warm-Up, 80% of intended first working set: 1 set of 2-3 reps off the ground.
Then your working sets.


Form tips:

– Feet to start under the hips.

– Get your back tight, real tight!

– Drive the heels into ground as you lift bar off of ground.

– At the point you pass the knee make sure to over in front of the bar.

– Open those hips to FULL HIP EXTENSION!

– Next up shrug the shoulders hard allowing the elbows to go high & outside!! (do not confuse this with pulling through your huge biceps! NO EARLY ARM PULLING!!


– Drive yourself under the bar to a full lockout.



Level 1: Overhead Sit Up 3 x 20 & Barbell Good Morning 3 x 20. (superset these exercises).

Level 2: GHD Sit Up 3 x 20 & Hip Extension 3 x 20. (Volume is experience dependant. i.e: if new to the GHD do either 3 sets of 5 or 10. And also superset the moves).

Notes: Midline Stability! This is crucial for the ab work. If on level 1 guys go for a min of 10kg, max of 20kg. Girls go for a min of 5kg, max of 15kg.

On the barbell good mornings the key is not to round the back at all. the objective is not to see how far down you can bend over with a bar on your shoulders. Rather we’d like to see your lumbar curve kept intact. Only go as far as when you feel your hammiest tug a little. drive back up aggressively to extension.

Level 2 you are to treat the GHD (and your back) with respect. Each & every rep is to be done with PERFECT FORM. Slam your quads hard in the sit up. on the hip extension it’s to done aggressively with a big squeeze of the butt! If you are unsure (or we see you doing it wrong!) get a coach to show you the way.



C): Mobility, 30 minutes of your finest efforts.

Don’t avoid your mobility needs!


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Work out of the day

Rooftop of Dreams

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