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Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd April

Remember ANZAC Day is this Friday. There are some changes to our usual timetable. In place of the normal classes is just the one class @ 9:30am.

If you were unable to get in to the class, treat it either as an active recovery day (get out and use that fitness in a run or swim or a game of forty, etc). Or better yet have a rest day, reflects what the day represents and enjoy time with your family & friends.

Remember to always listen to your body. If you’re feeling worse for wear sub out one of the tasks today and get some mobility in.

A): Strict Pull Up, 5 x 5 (Aim is to go for unbroken sets)


Form tips:

– Get those lats & shoulders active.

– Thumb AROUND the bar.

– Chin all the over the top of the bar.

– Pull yourself in toward the bar on your finish (you should theoretically be able to rest your chin on top of it).

– Return to full lock out at the bottom.

– No kipping!!

– The aim is for all reps to be unbroken reps in each set.

– If you start to break up the reps then try to rest no more than 20 seconds when inside of actual sets.

– If you can legitimately do 5 sets of 5 unbroken, try doing strict chest to bar pull ups. Then add weight to the move.



B): 10 minutes to find heaviest load in the following Clean Complex:

1 Power Clean

1 Hang Power Clean from the “Lo-Hang” (the barbell at 1″ above knees)

1 Hang Power Clean from the “Hi-Hang” (the barbell at your pockets).

Notes & Form Tips:

– This is a test of grip and positioning. Learn in the latter two reps where your position should be at with regards to the barbell itself.

– At the Lo-Hang you gotta get right over it and EXPLODE UP!! Open those Hips, Shrug those traps!

– On all three reps you will need to pull yourself under the barbell (ever more important on the Hi-Hang). Failure to do so will result in most likely a reverse curl kinda action, and just not gravy man!

– Feet start at hip width apart, ending/landing somewhere more akin to your squatting stance. Move those feet!!

– If you need any pointers on this during Open Gym, come grab a coach and we will get you going.


Enjoy 🙂

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Work out of the day

Rooftop of Dreams

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