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Tuesday 15th April

Remember this weekend is Easter Weekend. There are some changes to our usual timetable. In place of the normal classes are:

Good Friday: 1 class @ 10am

Easter Saturday: 2 classes @ 8am, 9am

Easter Monday: Closed, rest up for a big week!

Remember to always listen to your body. If you’re feeling worse for wear sub out one of the tasks today and get some mobility in.

A): Double Kettlebell Front Rack Lunges, 3 x 20 (10 reps each leg)


Form tips:

– Make sure to safely clean the kb’s up to the shoulders, you then place each kb on either arm/shoulder region. Your elbows should be as high as possible throughout.

– Much like the barbell version of this move, keep your midline in check & braced.

– Keep your stance somewhere between hip width & shoulder width apart. Don’t stay too narrow.

– When you plant the front foot don’t overshoot the knee forwards Your front shin should remain vertical at all times .

– The rear knee must touch the ground on each rep.

– It is a static lunge, not a walking lunge. You must return back to your starting position on each rep.

– Alternate your legs on each rep.


B): Strict Pull Up, 3 x 8 (rest 1-2 mins between sets).

Notes & Form Tips:

– Get those lats & shoulders active.

– Thumb AROUND the bar.

– Chin all the over the top of the bar.

– Pull yourself in toward the bar on your finish (you should theoretically be able to rest your chin on top of it).

– Return to full lock out at the bottom.

– No kipping!!

– The aim is at least 3-4 reps unbroken reps at the beginning of each set.

– Try to rest no more than 20 seconds when inside of actual sets.

– If you can legitimately do 3 sets of 8 unbroken then add weight to the move.


Enjoy 🙂

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Work out of the day

Rooftop of Dreams

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