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Thursday 15th May

It’s Australian Regionals week!! Have a look at to check out the first weekends worth of action from the US.  It makes for fantastic viewing and gives us a glimpse at how far the competitive side has come since the days of the Ranch.


– If you need any pointers on this during Open Gym, come grab a coach and we will get you going.



A): Every 2 Minutes for 10 Rounds, 2-3 Split Jerks

(Aim is to build the load as you go and enjoy the rest inbetween)


Form tips:

Your footwork is key. Practice under light or zero loading where your feet should be planting upon the landing. Get that ingrained in the body & mind.

You will still need an aggressive Dip-Drive to get some speed and power exuding onto the barbell. Get it moving and then Drive, Drive, Drive yourself under the bar to a locked out arm position. (Remember to fully open those hips before thinking about getting under the bar).

When driving under the bar be sure that your rear foot is planted on the ball of the foot, DO NOT have you heel on the ground! There should be a soft bend (but held very securely & firmly) in then rear leg so’s to adjust your height of the catch as is required.

The front foot should be firmly planted fully on the ground, and the knee should be directly over the ankle area. DO NOT let your knee shoot forwards over your toes!

Tight belly and butt as always.

When time to recover, first bring your front back halfway, then your rear foot forward halfway. Repeat the process to then bring the feet back together side by side. Then you can bring the bar down to the shoulders.



B): Accrue 5 Minutes in the Handstand Hold,

– OR –

Accrue 30 Handstand Push Ups for QUALITY (At least 15 Strict!)



Brace your midline massively! If you’re doing the handstand hold go for quality and spend no more than 20-30 seconds in hold. Come down (even if you think you can hold longer), rest 10-20 secs then get back in hold.

Keep those shoulders super active, and your belly squeezed and butt OFF of the wall.

Feet/toes together & pointed.

If you’re doing the hspu’s. Start sensibly with more scaling than you’re used too and build your shoulders into it. We want at least half of the 30 (if not all!) to be strict. Again you can build here so adjust your scaling as needed. Remember to bring the head through as you lock out.

Maybe try out the harness to build some strength and range of motion? Grab a coach for that one.

**DO NOT do both options! Pick one and go.




C): Optional Challenge for the week!! – Day 4……

Lets have a little test for this week. Can you accrue some good quality time spent in the L-sit hold??? We’re talking about honest to goodness holding to your upmost hardest scale, be it straight legs with a box under you feet, or if you’re starting out, knees bent (but heels in front of your hands).

If you’re up for it your challenge is to accrue a full 8 minutes of holding the L-sit! Don’t overdo it, try to get around 90 secs – 2 mins each day and see how your betters from one day to the next, or fades if the case may be!

Give it a go and lets build that midline!



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Work out of the day

Rooftop of Dreams

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