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Monday 26th May – Wednesday 28th May

Apologies on the lack of posts recently. Sometime hard to grab the time to get it online. Also we are now just over 14 weeks out from the Allstars competition.

So our focus will very much have that in mind. Strength can be gained by then but must start soon otherwise it won’t be there. We will post a fair bit of strength that will follow a formula to ensure we get a go at the major lifts each week. If you are interested in this make sure you keep an eye.

There will also be regular Oly practice to get volume & strength built into your technique. This is not to be rushed or force fed. You cannot force an extra 25+ kg on to your snatch or c&J overnight so let it progress naturally.

And lets not forget the Gymnastics work. Very often people only concentrate on how much can they push this or pull that but forgot the very virtuosity that CF was built on. You need bodyweight strength no question about it. you don’t want to turn up on a comp weekend squatting the world but not be able to bust out some basic gymnastic reps now do you???


We should point out too that even if you’re not in the comp we still encourage you to follow too. After all this WILL improve your CrossFitness! 🙂


As always please listen to your body. If it ain’t on, it ain’t on!! rest and mobilise!




A): Back Squat, 5 reps @65%; 5 reps @ 75%; 5+ reps @ 85%

(Note: Calculate all percentages off of 90% of your 1RM. Always! Thats right, work out 90% of your 1RM, then & only then figure out what 65,75, & 85% is.)

(Note part 2: The “5+” reps in the last sets is as many as possible with a minimum of 5 reps)


B1): GHD Sit Up, 3 x 15- 20 reps (sub in overhead sit up)

B2): GHD Hip Extension, 3 x 15 – 20 reps (sub in empty barbell good mornings)


(Note: You can superset these together to keep it fresh)





A): Strict Press, 5 reps @ 65%; 5 reps @ 75%; 5+ reps @ 85%

(See notes from Monday 26th part A for percentage details)


B): 10 Minutes practice & progressions in the Handstand & HSPU,

(Note: If feeling good grab a spotter, one who knows what they are doing!, and work on freestanding H’stand Holds)




A): Every Minutes On the Minute for 12 Rounds, The Power Clean:

(Start with 4 reps a min for first 4 mins then pull back by 1 rep every 2-3 mins until finishing on last two rounds with single efforts. Aim is obviously to build on the loads)


B): 30 Whole Minutes Mobility Work!


Choose at TWO lower body and TWO upper body bits to work on!


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Work out of the day

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