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Monday 17th March

Happy St Patricks Day!!!!! Tis’ a day to enjoyed among friends and to celebrate with a glass of the black stuff (coffee we mean. What else were you thinking of???).

Remember, we are 3 weeks into a taxing competition. So be sure to always listen to your body. If you’re feeling worse for wear at any time this week sub out one of the tasks today and get some mobility in.


Level 1 – Barbell Bent Over Row 5×8, (heavier than last time if poss).

Level 2 – BB Bent Over Row, 8 min EMOM of 5 reps each minute. Stick to same load throughput. Aim to go unbroken too.

Notes: you can see that there are two levels here. This is in place to moderate the volume and intensity. Check the criteria below to see which one you are to do. DO NOT DO BOTH LEVELS!!

The rules are if you are under 6 months CrossFitting and/or have never followed this blog till now, then you are to do level 1.

If you are over the 6 months then you can do level 2. (You are free to stay to level 1 if you want by the way).

Regardless of whichever level you are on, these sets listed above are working sets to completed AFTER warm up sets. Our advice would be the following set/rep scheme:

Warm-Up, empty barbell: 2 sets of 5 reps
Warm-Up, very moderate load (NOT HEAVY!): 1 set of 5 reps
Warm-Up, 60% of first intended working set: 1 set of 5-6 reps
Warm-Up, 85% of intended first working set: 1 set of 5-6 reps.
Then your working sets.


Form tips:

– Screw the feet into ground, hip width apart.

– Once bar has been deadlifted up, slightly unlock the knees & bend over forwards rolling the bar down your thighs, alá like a hang power clean.

– Allow bar to hang naturally where gravity intends (ie: NOT against your knees).

– Keep your back flat.

– Activate and engage your lats, rhomboids (shoulder blades) and draw the bar up to your upper abdomen/lower chest area.

– Don’t “kip” the bar up just to make some contact. The body shouldn’t deviate when pulling the bar in close.

– No “chicken necking/rubber necking” you know what i mean here!


B): 4 rounds, each for reps:

– 30 secs wall balls
– 15 secs rest
– 30 secs double unders
– 15 secs rest.

**rest 45 secs between rounds (this doesn’t include the 15 secs rest after the DU’s).

Notes: Determination. That is what we are after. You should be aiming to be as efficient as possible. Look to make your movement effective and decisive. Either choose to go for large unbroken bouts of movement or shorter, sharper mini sets of reps with very little rest between them. After all you get a 15 secs rest every half a minute!!

Enjoy 🙂

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Work out of the day

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