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Blog Post: The CrossFit Total. Key info

Hi guys.

We just wanted to put up a post to let you about this coming Monday 5th June

Now as you know next week is s testing week with everyday having a Benchmark or named workout to gauge our current fitness level. To start the week we are doing the classic Strength Day WoD, The “CrossFit Total”

For those that may not know about the “Total” it is a test to find your 1 rep max in 3 different movements.

(Please note: If you have been a member at CrossFit CBD for 3 months or less then your WoD is going to be the same three moves but working to a 3 Rep “Sub-Max” to start and establish a safe, solid baseline whilst honing down the form & technique).

The three moves are:

• Back Squat

• Strict Press

• Dead Lift

After your warm up sets you only get 3 attempts at each move. A little bit like a traditional weightlifting meet. If you miss all 3 attempts at the squat for example then you post 0kg for that. No extra go’s are allowed.

This means that knowing your numbers is crucial to success and finding a new 1 rep max in these classic tests of strength.

It is called the Total because your official score for the day is the sum Total in kilos you have successfully lifted (only counting the best number from each).

We want you to properly plan out your warm up sets and plan your kg number for your first lift on each move.

“To fail to prepare is preparing to fail!”

Check out this link below which lists out the warm up percentages.

CF Total warm up sets

Follow these sets/reps to the percentages and you will be setting yourself up for some great success. Don’t follow it and you risk over-cooking yourself before you even get started. The percentages listed should be based on what kgs you plan to open with on each move. (NOT what you hope to lift!!).  Print it off and write down your numbers on it to make life easier and more efficient maybe?

The general way to approach the 3 attempts is:

•lift 1 – A number you KNOW you can get (eg: 1-5kg shy of your existing PR or if it feels great then 1kg above an existing PR)

•lift 2 – A number you are CONFIDENT of getting (eg: a few kg above that existing PR thus hitting a new 1rm)

•lift 3 – Go for gold! (Try and see!)

You NEVER repeat a number if/when you successfully hit it! You move up. If you miss a rep then you have a decision to make, try it again or come down by a couple kg and get something on the board.

Also please note if you an existing 1RM in a move but it is 6-9 months old or more then this may not be a current PR for you. It could now be a “lifetime PR” which is a another thing altogether. If you have not been practising these lifts regularly then maybe don’t expect your body to suddenly whip out a 65kg strict press if the last time you were able to get it was in 2013 or something. Likewise if you haven’t been lifting all that long (less than 2 years) then it could work the other way and your’ll already be past your old number during all our sessions leading up to they point. This just means you’re in PR city baby!!

Now that that is out of the way lets lay out how the day will go.

We have taken the decision to do the Total on a weekday to allow for as many members as possible to do it (rather than do it on a Saturday & a large chunk of the members miss out).

The Total will be given the nearly ALL of the 45 mins of class time purely for lifting.Time management is crucial & will need to be on point to get the best out of yourselves.

It will be broken down like this:

– 19 Mins for the Back Squat

– 9 Mins for the Strict Press

– 14 Mins for the Dead Lift

The time caps are all very strict and once one set of time is up you must roll onto the next move. NO exceptions. (Hence the need to plan out your sets).

So for this reason we are asking you that you turn up at least 15-20 MINS EARLYto prepare your body to move & lift. And we ask that you allow for 10-15 MINS AFTER class to properly cool down & stretch off. This means we want you to allow 70-80 minutes of your day for this workout. We don’t often ask you this guys so please make an effort to free yourself up as best you can for it.

Now here is the kicker. Its important you are properly set and ready to go at the class start time. If you turn up with 1 min to spare then unfortunately you will be sent out back to warm the body up and you will only get 7-8 mins to do the back squat portion (if you are late to class then no squat at all!) of the WoD meaning you most likely won’t get a 1rm attempt on the board at all. we are sorry if you feel hard done by but you cannot expect your body to just lift real heavy straight cold. Its our job to ensure your safety & wellbeing so please respect our decision if you cannot get here early.

As far as what to do to warm up, we are not talking about grabbing a bar and squatting away. No, thats what your warm up progression sets are for during the WoD. We are talking about you getting in early, head out back & get your core body temp warm by hitting a bike or rower for 5-8 mins. Follow it up with some mobility work on things like your hips, traps muscles, glutes, hammies, etc.

Then add in some bodyweight or light Dumbbell movements to finish. By this point you will then be called in to start your class.

(There will be a written pre-class warm up on the board to help you).

The rack & weights will already be out. There may or may not be a bar on the rack you get. Set it up asap and get the squat warm ups going.

Note: you will be briefed on the workout, concept, & movement standards on that day during your warming up period.

After you’ve done all your lifting we will want you vacate to workout area (leaving it tidy!!) to then hang around either outback or inside and actually stretch off. Think about hitting the hips & quads. The triceps & shoulders. And the Hamstrings & low back.

You may not necessarily feel too bad immediately after the WoD BUT you still need to stretch & hitting 9 potential 1RM’s will leave your muscles jaded the next day as well as your Central Nervous System (CNS). Don’t ignore this and head home or to work to just sit & seize up. Please take time to care for your body.

This is a real fun WoD and one in which you remind yourself of just how strong you actually are. If you are hoping to PR 1,2 or all 3 lifts then do yourself a favour and eat very cleanly Sunday. Get more sleep than normal. Drink more water than normal. Mobilise, stretch and/or ROMWOD more than normal!!

Please remember that what you do today affects tomorrow (& can even affect the day after). If you choose to eat a massive burger with mac & cheese followed by a donut & some fro-yo topped with cheese, wine & beer, don’t be surprised if your number doesn’t appear on Monday.

Let’s kick some butt!! See you bright and early Monday! (Doors open at 5:30am!)

Cheers guys

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