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Blog Post: Should YOU do the upcoming Paleo Challenge??

Its been a while between coconut waters for a Blog Post but we thought we would tell you a  bit about our upcoming Food Challenges. Spring is here & summer isn’t too far behind! Read on and see if you might have a go……


So if you haven’t already seen it we have a big food challenge starting at the Box on Monday. All of the Macro spots have been snapped up but there is still a few Paleo spots left for anyone wanting to jump in last minute.

Have you ever undertaken a food/nutrition challenge before and when we ask that we are asking if you have ever really don’t one seriously??
When we ask you to go clean for a matter of weeks we are expecting you to give it your 100% effort and cut the crap out of the diet. Even the most ardent amongst us will have a guilty pleasure and chomp it down on occasion. But what if that guilty pleasure happens more than once in the week? And if you were to write down your entire weeks food & drink intake will you be shocked to see that you in fact eat/drink something unhealthy each and every day when you thought you “are cleanly”.

Trust us when we say there is ALWAYS something that needs tidying up in your diet. ALWAYS.

Have a flick through the rest of the post below and see if you fit any of these criteria and maybe you will have a think about joining in.
Regardless of whether you do or don’t be sure to ask your fellow classmates who are doing it how they are getting on and give them the encouragement they probably need at that point.
We are after one big community up here and we look out for each other.

FAQ about the upcoming CrossFit CBD Paleo Challenge.

Why should I do this challenge?

Maybe you’ve been experimenting with eating clean for a few months or even longer. Maybe you’ve seen other members on the Rooftop lose inches and hit consistent “PR’s” and thought ‘why not me?’

Maybe you’ve even thought “I’m doing the CrossFit, I get a great workout, I’m as Fit & Strong as ever but my bodytype just isn’t ever going to be lean.”

If you’ve been eating ’80/20′, (or really 60/40??) than you don’t really know if it will change as eating clean 80% of time will only ever yield 80% results!


The fact is, that while some people do lose fat while CrossFitting and eating whatever they want, most of us need to get on a consistent nutrition plan if we want to get the results we desire, especially if we have more than a little bit of weight to lose or we are already insulin resistant due to eating a bunch of grains, cereals, and sugars over the years.

It can take at least a few weeks for your body to retrain itself to get off the insulin roller coaster, and start burning fat instead of storing it. That’s why we designed this challenge for 6 weeks.

Short enough to commit to, long enough to see results.

If you’ve just toyed around with a healthy lifestyle (read the 80/20 bit above again!), you’ll never know what results you could have gotten. This is your opportunity to do it right, eat clean, and strict, for just 6 weeks. See how much progress you can make by the end of October.


But I have (Fill in the blank) event coming up, and I HAVE to (drink alcohol, eat crap, blah, blah blah etc).

For many of us, we have not a physiological issue with cutting out crap food, but a psychological issue. We associate winter months with hibernation and comfort food, December as the “silly season” January as “Australia Day month”, then there is the birthday party, The work team function, this reason, that reason. The list can be unending and it will all be associated with eating unhealthy food, drinking alcohol, and telling jokes with our friends.

You have the opportunity to break that psychological barrier and realize that you can still enjoy these events while eating in a way that supports a Healthy, Fit body and enables you to live a Long, & Functional life.

Are you really worried that if you aren’t drinking, your friends won’t be any fun? If so,
how much do you really depend on alcohol for your social life? When does ‘I can’t enjoy
myself without drinking alcohol’ morph into ‘Houston, we have a problem.”

It’s only 6 weeks. There are always reasons why it’s a bad time to make a change, other things that would work better. But today is the only day you can start. It’s the only day you ever could.

I don’t want to join the challenge because I know I won’t stick with it.

If you’ve been the person who desperately, really, tries to stick to Paleo and have lost your will power in the face of adversity (or a bowl of nachos) in the past, than this alone is reason enough to do the challenge!

The fact is that in the moment when you had to make a decision, your desire for bad food choices outweighed your desire to be leaner, perform better, and have the body you want.

The food will taste great now, and your goal for a healthier body is so far down the road and couched in maybes.

Maybe if I eat clean I’ll get the body I want, but there’s no guarantee. And I KNOW this beer/pasta/pizza/chips, etc is going to taste great!

So you have to have a reason beyond your desire to lose inches, to eat clean. Because it does involve making changes, and change is difficult. Also remember that anything worth doing is NEVER easy. Otherwise everyone would be doing it too! (Sounds a little like the CrossFit program/WoDs too hey??)

But my (friends/spouse/co-workers) will think I’m a weirdo!

Come on get real! A: No one thinks you are weird if you are eating cleanly and are having salad instead of the sandwich & chips they are guzzling down (and all this before their afternoon sugar crash too!). And B: who really gives a f*** what anyone else thinks?! You’re a grown adult who make their own decisions so own them!

Also if someone does question you this is how it should go down if they are trying to call you out on your food…

Coworker: “Hey, how come you aren’t drinking, eating the bread/pasta/dessert? Come on! Have some dessert! It’s delicious! You don’t have any weight to lose anyway! You could stand to gain a few kgs!”

Challenge Participant: “Actually, I’m in this challenge that my gym, CrossFit CBD on Lonsdale St, is running, where I am eating no sugar, alcohol, dairy, pasta, cereals, etc for just 6 weeks, I’m already down 1 inch off my pant size after just 2 weeks!”

Coworker: “…” “Wow, that is awesome! I wish I had something like that to help me with my goals.”

CP: “Well, you can come check out my gym, CrossFit CBD on Lonsdale St. It is right down the street from the office. We can go on Tuesday and you can take a look if you like?”

CW: “No, that sounds too intense. Pass the bread.”

If you’ve ever had the desire to see what is possible with CrossFit and a healthy diet FOR YOU (Because we’ve seen what’s possible with other members) this challenge is your opportunity.

COMMIT to the process, put in your work, and remember, the winner of the challenge will be determined by what they DO*, not just by what they GET. Outcomes are a natural result of good decisions and sticking with the plan.

We have seen so many great results when people clean up their nutrition, and commit to regular, intense CrossFit at least 3-4 times a week.

This challenge is your opportunity to see what is really possible in your life and set you up for a lifetime of good choices and healthy living.

So do yourself a favour, cut the excuses, and sign up via the email address pronto!

*= Winner will be judged on by their overall attitude, commitment, training frequency, FaceBook forum contributions as well as what physical results we see at the end.

. . . . .

. . .

. .


Time to make a decision hey.


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