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Blog Post: July Focus at CBD – Bulletproofing

Focus throughout July.

You may have seen our Blog Post earlier this week revealing what’s coming up over the next few months. If you didn’t happen to read that post click here & get the full low down.

Let’s get into some detail on what JULY will have for us.

We are placing a big emphasis on building a stronger foundation. Stronger Midline Stability if you will.

We like to lift heavy things and put them down again. We like to climb on things and move our body around very dynamically. We also like to do lots and lots of reps and do it fast too!

To be able to combat this we need a robust body. As human beings we are lucky that we are genetically generally-robust, however there is always a limit to what our body can withstand. What we can work on though is making our supporting structures as solid as possible, bulletproof them if you want to coin it that way.

This isn’t just to make you better at CrossFit training. This is also to help your everyday lives. The stronger your posture, your midline, your tendon health is. The better your body will function in its everyday activities (which for many of us is why we do CrossFit in the first place).

We see these “bulletproof” pieces as a really great & valuable addition to our programming. It’s not designed to replace it so Don’t worry there!! You will still get our daily WoD on!!
You will see these post-WoD pieces feature 2-3 times a week thru July and after that will pop up on occasion thereafter as we see fit to add them in.

Some will be gentle and some will be brutal. You will be able to see progression as there will be repeat pieces but amped up a bit second/third time round.
We will be incorporating Pilates type techniques, ab work. Lot of ab work. We’ll have you do carries, strength-stamina sets, postural-stamina sets, overhead holds, hangs, braces, walks. Mobility/flexibility won’t be ignored either. You will get exposed to a lot of different types of “WoDs”.

They will all feature AFTER the daily WoD & they will for the most part be “for quality”. They will have time caps or set time domains but this does NOT mean you are to try and go fast & rush your movement. The focus is ALWAYS on how well you move. The idea is NOT to “beat the house” but rather we want you to win your stability! Ever hear the phrase “sometimes you have to slow down to go fast!”.

“Sometimes you need to slow down to go fast”

Most pieces will range from 8-15 mins worth of work (a couple are more than that too) so your attention should rightly be given to them. Don’t half arse the effort because your sweating part of class has finished! These are just as important as your strength and fitness gains made through the main program. Perhaps more so!!

Some of the moves may also be new to you or seem “different” but go with the coaches guidance and allow them to teach you these techniques.

What we do know for certain is these will help build you a great foundation. They are all tested by us so we know what you are to expect each time. If they happen to show up any weak areas in your body then don’t fret we now have some good goals for you as an individual.

Why do all this you ask? Well to lift all the heavy things and move quickly and whatnot we need proper appropriate Supporting structures.

You see our major muscles (think your quads, traps, glute’s, etc) build well and adapt to the stresses we place on them when we squat, Deadlift, Press, OLY lift, pull ups, dips, etc. however our connective tissues, namely the tendons and smaller, stabilising/supporting muscles (like your rotator cuff) need more time & attention in order to grow strong at the rate their “big brothers” are.
No good having a bunch of kipping pull ups when your rotator cuff muscles aren’t up to the same levels hey?!

Likewise if you want to squat double bodyweight or jerk your bodyweight overhead you better be sure your middle areas are supporting and not defaulting to an over-extended (over-arched) or a soft rounding back! If this ever happens it means we are NOT strong enough to lift that weight! Simple as that! Full stop!

There will be prescrIbed weight percentages. Some are light and rightly so. If we say 33% of your deadlift max we mean it!
Some will be heavy. There will be a 100% of max strict Press hold overhead coming up. It’s designed to be difficult so opting away from difficult won’t give you the stimulus we need (caveat is form. If you can’t safely hold that weight overhead you won’t be allowed by us to!).
A good few times you will have a “slower down, faster up” tempo prescribed. The rule of thumb here is if you can’t control the tempo then it’s too heavy! (Yes even 33% of your max lift will be classed as too heavy if you can’t control tempo).

We are super excited to bring these to you. We have enlisted the guys at Performance Care RX to help with these. They are the leaders in building Bulletproof bodies and they know their stuff.

First one up is nice and simple. Glute Bridges and “Curl Ups”. Easy right? Let’s go for 10 full minutes and do a pause at the “top” of each rep, on each move. Move well and embrace your midline.

You will be able to take away som many moves and ideas to use in your own personal warm ups or cool downs you do around class time. We want to teach you moves about body health that you can use forever and stay healthy as we all grow older.

Note: should also help heaps with Hero Month coming up in August!!!

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