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04/07/16 – “Elizabeth”


Benchmark WoD: “Elizabeth”

For Time

21 – 15 – 9 (reps)


Cleans (62.5 / 42.5)

Ring Dips


  • The Cleans are FULL SQUAT, not power.
  • Compare to 08/12/15 (that day you could power clean so maybe check 3/2/14).


Post time to Beyond The Whiteboard.

Member Monday time!!

This week we speak to Synti.

Synti has been a CBDer for a good time now & has in that time come so far in terms of ability showing tremendous strength gains along the way.

Lets have a chat with Synti & find out some more about her 🙂

Photo Credit: Niki Platis


. – What 3 words best describe yourself?

Courage, kindness, compassion are my mantras that I practise cultivating during the WODs. But mostly I’m hungry, curious, late.

– How long have you been doing CrossFit?

3 years

– Favourite/least favourite WOD?

Fav: That’s like asking me to pick a favourite child!

Least fav: “Karen”

– Favourite/least favourite exercise?

Fav: Overhead Squat – not cos I’m good at it – because it’s a good test of many aspects of your body and very humbling. And Deadlifts cos on the opposite scale, they require next to no coordination.

Least fav: calories on the assault bike

– Hobbies outside of CF?

Bouldering/rock climbing, Plants, Science

– Occupation?

Teacher (sort of)

– Favourite cheat meal? (Paleo or not! Lol!).

Honey soy Chicken Red Rock Deli chips (the large pack)

– Do you like fish? 🙂

Deep fried, extra salt, and a deep fried Mars bar, thanks.

– Any goals you hope to achieve on the ROD?

A One arm pull up. But for now just get back into doing more WODs as my new job mixed up my schedule.

– Any advice for a new member up on the ROD?

Just keep showing up.

– Lastly tell us a joke 🙂

How do you make Lady Gaga cry? … Poker face


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